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Safety Changes Are Affecting Pool Openings

It’s the time of year where local swimming pools open for the season but some may not be able to.

Brian Sheehan, President of Swim Club Management says there are big changes affecting pools, “Some of the biggest challenges of our clients have been being able to gain compliance with the new ADA Standards.”

The Americans With Disabilities Act requires pools have handicap accessible entries.
H-O-A’s are exempt but if they allow outsiders to swim they will have to comply says Sheehan, “It triggers it when they start allowing folks that aren’t members of HOA into their facility.”

Another change affecting pools is the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. It requires pool drain covers. The Federal mandate took effect a few years ago, but there’s a new issue. Sheehan says, “Once our clients gained compliance we found out there was a recall on certain grates.”

Brian Coffey, President of Charlotte Safety says these changes have placed financial strains on pools, “The VGB stuff is thousands of dollars and handicap access is going to be the same.”

In addition to pool changes, lifeguard training courses have changed as well. Coffey says, “It’s more focused on pool time now. Its a 25 hour course and about 18 hours of that is in the water.”

The safety changes only apply to public pools, and those at hotels. That includes any rental homes. Your private, backyard pool is not impacted.

Reprint Of An Article By Jacinda Garabito
Source: FOX Charlotte

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